Hansaton Sound SHD 9

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Battery Size & Models:
10  : 10
13  : S13
312: S312

Black Edition, Carbon Black, Cloudy Grey, Sandy Beige, Space Titan, Sparkling Bronze, Sterling Silver, White Pearl.

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Data sheet

Technology Level Premium
Fit Style RIC
Channels 20
Memories 7
Volume Control Yes
Directional Microphones Yes
Noise Reduction Yes
Wind Noise Protection Yes
Telecoil Yes
Aid-to-Aid Communication Yes
Wireless Capable Yes
Direct Audio Input No
IP Rating IP68
Warranty 3 Years
Loss/Damage Warranty 3 Years

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Sound SHD's powerful new SphereHD chip uses advanced algorithms to Digitally Process Sounds (DSP) using spacial acoustics so you hear naturally in constantly changing sound environments. Speech discrimination, sound localization, and noise management innovations provide cutting-edge hearing-loss solutions.

The four performance levels of Sound SHD are all RIC hearing aids, which means the speaker is in the ear canal. This type of sound delivery system is considered to have the best sound quality.


  • SphereSound SHD dynamic, personal, static, and SHD spatial analysis.
  • SpeechBeam SHD-3 combines directional microphone data from both hearing aids and uses advanced noise reduction technology to focus on and optimize speech sounds from any direction.
  • SurroundSupervisor SHD High-speed, precise sound environment detection.
  • AutoSurround SHD 7 is a smart sound-recognition technology that automatically detects the type of noise around you and selects the best of seven sound environment programs to improve speech comprehension no matter where life takes you.