Phonak Virto B-Titanium B70

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Titanium Gray/Black.

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Technology Level Advanced
Fit Style CIC
Channels 16
Memories 5
Volume Control Yes
Directional Microphones No
Noise Reduction Yes
Wind Noise Protection Yes
Telecoil Optional
Aid-to-Aid Communication No
Wireless Capable Optional
Direct Audio Input No
IP Rating IP68
Warranty 3 Years
Loss/Damage Warranty 3 Years

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Phonak Virto B-Titanium is an innovative custom product solution for mild to severe hearing losses in two performance levels. Powered by the technology of the Phonak Belong™ platform, Phonak Virto B-Titanium hearing aids are the ideal solution for those clients that prefer the best hearing performance in the most cosmetically attractive custom made hearing solution.


  • SoundRelax: SoundRelax instantly and accurately identifies impulse sounds and applies gain reduction relative to the original peak signal characteristics without altering Maximum Power Output (MPO). SoundRelax cushions otherwise unpleasant impulse sounds without affecting speech clarity or causing unnatural perception of other sounds.
  • FlexControl: FlexControl allows the wearer to easily make targeted adjustments that have a significant impact on satisfaction. It personalizes AutoSense OS, transforming the simple action of turning a control up or down into a powerful adjustment tool.
  • FlexVolume: FlexVolume brings additional sophistication to loudness adjustments. Instead of linear up and down shifts in gain, FlexVolume shapes the gain curve in a frequency dependent manner. This approach results in increased clarity when more volume is required, while comfort is enhanced with less volume.
  • SoundRecover2: The next generation of SoundRecover further improves speech audibility and utilizes an adaptive frequency lowering algorithm. The sound quality of mid and low frequencies are maintained while high-frequency sounds  are made audible. This creates an optimal listening experience for more users than ever before.
  • Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator: The Tinnitus Balance noise generator generates a broadband sound for use in tinnitus management therapies, either in the context of masking or sound therapy such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy. It offers fitting flexibility through the Phonak Target™ software.
  • WhistleBlock: WhistleBlock differentiates between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and true feedback. This means increased audibility and sound quality that is free from annoying feedback.
  • NoiseBlock: Noise Block Processing is particularly effective at reducing uncomfortable environmental noise. It recognizes the subtle differences between speech and non-speech sounds, removing noise while maintaining audibility.
  • User Preference Tuning: Remembers adjustments you make with FlexControl and FlexVolume and applies them automatically for a hearing aid more in tune with your preferences.
  • Auto Acclimatization: Auto Acclimatization is used to automatically increase the client's amplification, while the client is using the device. The starting level, speed of the acclimatization and the target level can easily be adjusted.
  • AOV: A proprietary, multidimensional-weighted algorithm sets an ideal target "acoustic mass" for each vent. The sophisticated 3D modeling software generates an individualized vent. This unique Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV) value is coded into each instrument and used to optimize the fitting calculation. Occlusion can now be reduced to the lowest level possible. This exclusive, clinically proven Phonak innovation is available in the full range of custom products and styles. It is also available for BTE wearers with a SlimTip, SlimTip Soft, cShell, or xShell.
  • Finetuning Channels: Precision by which clients' hearing aid can be customized to their specific hearing needs.