ReSound ENZO2 5

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Battery Size & Models:
13  : BTE 88
675: BTE 98

Anthracite, Beige, Black, Dark Brown, Desert Camo, Forest Camo, Gloss Black, Light Blonde, Medium Blonde, Ocean Camo, Pearl White, Silver, Sterling Gray.

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Data sheet

Technology Level Standard
Fit Style BTE
Channels 12
Memories 4
Volume Control Yes
Directional Microphones Yes
Noise Reduction Yes
Wind Noise Protection Yes
Telecoil Yes
Aid-to-Aid Communication Yes
Wireless Capable Yes
Direct Audio Input Yes
IP Rating IP57
Warranty 2 Years
Loss/Damage Warranty 2 Years

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ReSound ENZO2™ is the smallest and most powerful super power hearing aid available and gives you easy access to sound, no matter where it is coming from. With ReSound ENZO2, you can connect to the most important things in your life, stream sound directly from iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch®, and discover what it feels like to intuitively personalize your hearing experience.

ReSound ENZO2, lets you hear more of what you want, because every part of it is designed to give you a better hearing experience with a rich, balanced sound in all situations. You will be able to enjoy more amplification without feedback than any hearing aid you've used before. The unique Spatial Sense feature lets you focus on the sound you are interested in and improves your ability to tell where other sounds are coming from.


  • Made For iPhone: Streams audio directly from selected iPhones, iPods, and iPads into your hearing aids.
  • NoiseTracker™ II: Reduces unwanted background noise in noisy situations to reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding.
  • Windguard™: Dampens wind noise when outdoors to reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding.
  • Expansion: Reduces unwanted and annoying low level background noises such as air cons, fans, the soft tapping of keyboards and computer mouse etc. without effecting speech understanding.
  • Directional Mix: Provides spatial (3D) awareness of your listening environment so you are aware of where sounds are coming from whilst also focusing on important speech sounds when in a noisy place.
  • Sound Shaper: Coverts and squashes high frequency sounds that cannot be heard by a listener due to their hearing loss into a lower frequency so they can be heard.
  • Autoscope Adaptive Directionality™: Detects sounds from all around when in a quiet place before quickly switching to either a narrow or wide focus towards speech (depending if you are listening to one or several people at once) even if to the side or behind you when in a noisy place.
  • DFS Ultra™ II with Music Mode™: Eliminates unwanted whistling from the hearing aid whilst maintaining the sound quality of music, which can sometimes be distorted by this feature.
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator with Nature Sounds: Helps the brain become distracted from tinnitus by instead listening to a selection of masking sounds including several soothing ocean-based nature sounds.
  • PhoneNow™: When the telephone is held beside the ear the hearing aid automatically switches to a dedicated phone programme to help you hear more.
  • Comfort Phone™: When the telephone is held beside the ear the hearing aid on the telephone ear automatically switches to a dedicated phone programme whilst the non-telephone ear hearing aid reduces in volume slightly to help you hear more whilst retaining a sense of your environment.
  • Synchronized Acceptance Manager: The hearing aids can gradually increase in volume over a specified period of time to help listeners gradually adapt and acclimatisation to wearing them. This gradually increase in volume is governed by the two hearing aids and can be halted if one hearing aid is not worn for any reason to allow both ears to adapt together.