Signia Ace Primax 5

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Beige, Black, Dark Granite, Deep Red, Golden Blonde, Granite, Grey, Pearl White, Sandy Brown, Silver, Spirit.

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Technology Level Advanced
Fit Style RIC
Channels 32
Memories 6
Volume Control Optional
Directional Microphones Yes
Noise Reduction Yes
Wind Noise Protection Yes
Telecoil No
Aid-to-Aid Communication No
Wireless Capable No
Direct Audio Input No
IP Rating IP67
Warranty 3 Years
Loss/Damage Warranty 3 Years

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Light and comfortable, Ace™ primax is the smallest in our family of RIC hearing aids. Despite its compact form, Ace primax is packed with powerful features to deliver the natural ease of hearing. And, thanks to the touchControl App, it’s easily and unobtrusively controlled for complete convenience.

Ideal for first-time wearers and those who demand the utmost in discretion and functionality, the new Ace primax RIC sits unobtrusively behind the ear. Thanks to its IP67-rated housing, users can select from a range of colors to suit their individual preference. Ace primax delivers power in a tiny form for effortless hearing which, thanks to the touchControl App, can be conveniently and discreetly adjusted.


  • HD Music: 1 preset programs (live, recorded, musician) for a fuller, richer music listening experience.
  • SpeechMaster: Offers better speech understanding by automatically reducing background noise and boosting the speaker's voice.
  • Frequency Compression: Can help improve speech understanding especially for those with high-frequency type hearing losses.
  • TruEar: Simulates natural acoustics, so you know whether sound is coming from in front of or behind you.
  • Directional Speech Enhancement: Advanced noise management that more effectively filters out extraneous ambient noise.
  • Speech And Noise Management Steps: Automatically reduces background noise while isolating and enhancing speech.
  • Tinnitus Management: Reduces ringing in the ears with generated tones or ocean wave sounds enabling you to concentrate in quiet situations.
  • SoundSmoothing: Isolates and softens sudden, annoying noises for a more pleasant listening experience.
  • eWindscreen: Monitors your environment for wind noise and automatically softens it.
  • Feeback Cancellation: Automatically searches for and eliminates feedback whistling for greater peace of mind.
  • Learning: Automatically learns and adapts to your volume preferences in different environments.
  • Data Logging: Records data like program usage and microphone modes so your Hearing Care Professional can better fine-tune your instruments.
  • Nanocoating: Special coating on the instrument to enhance resistance to water, sweat and dust for improved durability.
  • touchControl App: Controls your program settings and volume directly from cellphones using iOS or Android software.